5 Types of Digital Workers

5 Types of Digital Workers

January 26, 2017 Research 0

So the digital world is asking for digital workers. But who are they and how do they approach their jobs? Gartner dove into this question and found that the workforce of the future demands 5 key types of worker, based on their roles, techno-attitude and how they want people to manage them.

The five types are:

The ‘technology elite’ believing in their skills and knowledge and faith in the technological ability of their company. They are more often late in their careers and most likely to describe themselves as an expert in the application of digital technology.

Are usually at the start of their career, and think they can do better than what their company is offering at the moment. They tend to use tools that their company doesn’t provide and are often involved in ‘hidden’ productivity

Feel at ease with their skills and technology and are mostly working in production. They are participating in technology and improving their skills to include new devices and applications.

Are late in their career. They are the least confident of their own skills but they are also most likely to say that applications are out of date or that they’re not satisfied with them. They often have a better understanding of the business than that they are comfortable with technology. Combining their analog knowledge with other workers’ digital skills is a key strategy.

Are office-based workers who are no technological experts, but good in their work. They, like engineers, believe that they are able to develop digital skills and they can thereby place more value on digital skills. They do think that they work best on their own instead of as part of a team and they prefer using tried and true solutions above creating new ones.

This is an interesting way to approach combining a team and enabling them to gain the most success for a company. Read the whole story here.

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