Where Is Your Company with Digital Transformation?

Where Is Your Company with Digital Transformation?

January 18, 2017 Expert View 1

How digitally mature is your company? Are you leading your industry or are you playing catch-up the competition?

A recent article by Ness Digital Engineering outlines three types of company: digital novices, digitally capable organizations, and mature digital innovators. Figuring out where you are involves looking at certain aspects of your company such as:

  • Are your digital goals aligned with your strategic goals and vice versa?
  • Have you got the talent available to deliver digital solutions?
  • Are you relying on legacy systems?
  • Do you have the analytics capacity to empower data-driven decisions?
  • Is your company agile enough to make changes to its core offering in response to customer demands?
  • How engaged are key stakeholders in digital strategy?
  • Do you know how digital transformation can generate additional value for your company?

If the answer is no to most of those questions, your company are digital novices and need to take urgent steps to stay ahead of a rapidly-evolving market.

Even if you are mature digital innovators, you still need to push hard to capture the first-to-market advantage. If your company isn’t on top of their game, you could lose out to someone who moves faster.

Read the full article here and think about where your company is on its digital journey.

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