Digital maturity: age ain’t nothing but a number

Digital maturity: age ain’t nothing but a number

August 19, 2016 Expert View 2

Some companies reach digital maturity quickly, while others struggle to get past the first teething pains. If you’ve ever wondered about your company’s ‘digital age’, the way to measure it is two-fold. On one hand, it’s about the rate at which your organisation has invested in technology to change at an operational level. On the other, it’s about how people within your organisation have evolved their capabilities to work in a new, digital way. When these two things have been achieved, an organisation can be said to have reached ‘digital maturity’.

Take this quick test to measure your organisation’s digital maturity:

Do we have the right strategic vision, buttressed by strong leadership, to transform our organisation?
Are we talking to our customers, understanding their needs, and taking action on those insights?
Are we constantly innovating and offering the right products and/or services?
Does our organisation contain the right mix of people to support our vision and our products/services?
Are our operational systems, processes and controls aligned with the company’s vision?

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