How Hollywood learned to stop worrying and love the cloud

How Hollywood learned to stop worrying and love the cloud

July 19, 2016 Best Practice 0

In an industry that’s paranoid about piracy, digital transformation may seem like an uphill battle. But camera-to-cloud is the way of the future. One pioneering company is working with Rackspace to bring television and film production into the 21st century.

Hollywood may still symbolize the silver screen, but entertainment today is a global industry. With production on the rise by 64% in Asia and 83% in Africa, the costs of collaborating on a worldwide scale demand a more efficient solution for TV and film production. If it takes 1000 hours of footage to produce a single hour of TV drama, that adds up to petabytes of data for a full series. Physically transporting all of this material where its needed just doesn’t make sense anymore.

Breaking the analogue addiction
That’s where DigitalFilm Tree comes in, a full-service post-production facility working with virtually all the major Hollywood studios. They provide an end-to-end service, from the production phase when the material is shot, through the creative editorial stage, and into the finishing process where the content is prepared for theatrical and broadcast delivery.

At a recent Rackspace::Solve conference, DigitalFilm Tree CTO Guillaume Aubuchon explained that old habits die hard. It took a lot of convincing to get studio bosses on board and break their addiction to paper-based workflows. “I work in a highly paranoid industry that believes the cloud is only trying to pirate their material,” noted Aubuchon.

DigitalFilm Tree have proven they can safely put the entire process in the cloud to share content wherever and whenever needed — with highly secure access, scalable storage and bandwidth, and significantly more efficient workflows.

Cutting production time by 40%
This digital transformation centralizes post-production and all the reviews and approvals it requires. So, for example, an episode of The Simpsons can now be produced 40% faster than before. It also gives the studios better oversight of their assets and the production companies who deliver them, because they can instantly analyze their metadata to gain valuable insights, like the ratio of used to unused footage from different producers.

DigitalFilm Tree had a vision of a cloud-based world that would eliminate physical transfers and transform the way the industry works. And they chose Rackspace as their partner to make it happen. Their experience with us started years ago when we were simply hosting their email servers. That’s how they learned about our reliable service and fanatical support. Today, we’ve built a full-scale partnership that’s helping push a whole industry forward.

Despite deeply rooted resistance, a digital transformation has started, which promises to fundamentally changing the way Hollywood works. And if they can do it, so can you.

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