How Hotels use Big Data to Connect Directly with Customers

How Hotels use Big Data to Connect Directly with Customers

October 12, 2016 Best Practice 1

How do you provide a bespoke customer experience when you don’t know anything about your customers?

This is one of the problems faced by the hotel industry, where one-third of bookings are made through a booking website such as Trivago or When reservations are made in this way, the hotel receives little information about the customer, making it hard to build loyalty and provide a personalized experience. With 70 percent of reservations now being made through digital channels, this presents a major issue.

Meliá Hotels International, one of the largest chains in Europe, is tackling this issue through digital transformation. The chain is building a sophisticated strategy to drive customers to their own channel, where they can offer discounts, implement loyalty schemes, and build stronger brand engagement.

It has been hard work for the company, that invested in creating an in-house analytics team to help understand customers at a deeper level. The effort is already bearing fruit, with a focused and segmented marketing campaign that has tripled response rates and increased digital revenues by € 50 million in a single year.

Manuel Riego, Vice President of Global Digital Sales and Marketing at Meliá Hotels, recently spoke about how the chain implemented their new digital strategy. Read the full interview here.

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