[Infographic] Overview of the Government vs Digital Transformation

[Infographic] Overview of the Government vs Digital Transformation

January 25, 2017 Infographic 0

In all domains of the public sector, from healthcare to national defense, we see the same trends emerging in terms of digital maturity: public sector leaders feel that they are not progressing fast enough.

The infographic below is based on extensive research by Deloitte in which they surveyed over 1,200 public sector leaders from more than 70 countries. It shows some interesting local variations – New Zealand’s public servants are much more focused on digital maturity than their neighbors in Australia, for example – and pinpoints some domains that are especially impacted, such as communication and defense.

The key figure is 41 percent. That is the number of survey respondents who are happy with their organization’s response to digital trends. Also, only 13 percent of organizations are in the advanced stages of digital maturation, with 26 percent of organizations are in the early stages of digital maturation, having made little substantial progress so far.

Worryingly, those organizations in the early stages of digital development have serious doubts about their own future. Of those respondents, 82 percent said that they did not have confidence in their organization’s ability to respond to digital trends.

The infographic also outlines the some of the issues holding back digital development, as well as some potential solutions:




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