Keep Up With Customer Driven Business Evolution

Keep Up With Customer Driven Business Evolution

October 7, 2016 Expert View 3

When we talk about digital transformation and the cloud we’re not talking about random innovations and just putting things in the cloud. We’re talking about using all available assets to be successful and creating new opportunities with new technologies.

Customers want to use new devices and technologies as soon as they are available. They determine the means and channels for communicating: they say where they want to buy their products, when and how they want to get them. For companies it is critical to learn how to move and switch at their pace. If a company fails to keep up with them, they will go to someone else.

We really have to pay attention to what the customers are saying, because they really are driving our business evolution. At the end of the day, the one metric companies need to pay attention to in this regard is customer engagement.

What do customers want? Smarter products and interactions. They want Internet of Things and they want companies to know more about them. If a customer comes in via Facebook, the company must know it is the same person that was in the store earlier. If they want to communicate via chat, companies need to be there to respond.

How do you do this? It is all about connecting the dots of internal IT- solutions. James Staten, Chief Strategist, Cloud+Enterprise Division, Microsoft, tells us all about it. Watch this Rackspace::Solve session in San Francisco, in which he gives examples of the types of innovations that are creating unique differentiations and outsized business values:


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