Keeping your customers in 2017

Keeping your customers in 2017

December 15, 2016 Insight 1

Business success depends mainly on customers. Keeping the (internal and external) customers satisfied therefore needs to be a part of every business strategy. So here are a few tips to help you get – and stay there in 2017.

What, where and when
Customer loyalty lies with the company that lives up to demands – what they want, where they want it and when they want it. As a result, business structures will move away from efficiency-based strategies and become structured upon customer experience and satisfaction.

Brands have to build holistic customer experiences that transcend touch points. This involves understanding emotions and companies are try out new behavioral research methods to guide decisions, design and operations. Insights for those issues are also available by using big data, artificial intelligence (AI). Learning algorithms can predict personal wishes and at the same time help customers find their way through all available options and choices.

Businesses have to engage customers by creating personalized and different virtual, digital and physical experiences. This means adopting an omnichannel approach that can include new technologies whenever they are available. Customers don’t think about which channel or device they are using wen communicating with a company, so the experience needs to fluent and the differences between media almost unnoticeable.

Devices and Tech
This brings us to the devices and technology in 2017. Self driving cars, virtual assistants, conversational applications amd other connected and intelligent devices are invented to make everyday life easier. In reality they’re not efficiently cooperating yet and as a result they’re still at gadget-level. 2017 is the year these will all start to be combined to drive customer engagement. And when they’re able to work together, this market will explode.

Research company Forrester says that investment in artificial intelligence (AI) will triple as firms look to tap into complex systems, advanced analytics, and machine learning technology. Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual and Augmented Reality applications (VR and AR) will be at top of mind. There will be app strategies to transform smartphones into control panels for cars and homes and wearables that collect health data for insurance purposes.

Being connected and using data have a downside as well: security and privacy issues will cause major issues next year. Data leaks, cyber crime, targeted espionage and privacy breaches will become more regular. Forrester’s predictions on this topic aren’t too optimistic: “A Fortune 1000 company will fail because of a cyber breach, healthcare breaches will become as common as retail breaches and more than 500,000 internet-of-things devices will be compromised.” Customers will choose companies that are known to handle their data well.

Keep your customer
The customer will be the heart of a company in 2017. Keeping up with them gives every brand a big advantage. But customer experience involves different fields, and the main challenge next year will be to find the balance between touchpoint journey optimization, technological innovation and security strategies. We wish you success in 2017 and we’ll keep you updated on the developments!

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