How to Manage Change with Social Media

How to Manage Change with Social Media

January 16, 2017 Expert View 0

Digital transformation (DX) is not for the fainthearted. A true DX project covers everything and involves everyone in the organization, which means a vast amount of communication, conversation, debate, and sharing. Managing this dialogue gets harder as the conversation grows unless you have the right collaboration methodology in place.

A recent essay by digital guru Dion Hinchcliffe looks at how social media and online communities offer a working model for dealing with this kind of scalability problem. The open source community, for example, shows how decentralized teams can work together in a coherent way, with clear lines of communication even as the size of the team mushrooms.

There are several platforms—Slack, for example–designed to help enterprise create such online communities but, as Hinchcliffe points out, it’s more than just a software problem. People need to be trained and empowered to use new communication models, which requires support from management.

However, the rewards of supporting such a system are enormous, with great knowledge-sharing, fewer silos and a greater overall commitment to DX. Read the full essay by Hinchcliffe here, which includes details of how to structure an organization around social media.

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