Skills and Competencies to Improve in 2017

Skills and Competencies to Improve in 2017

December 28, 2016 Research 0

Are you looking for New Year’s resolutions? Why not update your professional skills set? With digital transformation changing almost every process in an organization, it is no surprise that the need for new capabilities arises as well.

So, what do you aim for next year? LinkedIn dove into their data on employers needs and demands. They found some global trends in the job market:

1: Skills in the fields of data and cloud are more important than ever and the need for professionals in this field is still growing. Cloud and distributed computing, statistical analysis, data mining: these are the skills that drive business and help the company stay competitive.

2: With user experience as one of the main drivers of modern companies, user interface design is up and coming as a skill. Streamlining the way customers interact with products and companies, and gathering data from it is a useful skill to have in 2017.

3: Data is everywhere, but making sense out of all that information is a special skill. To help people understand what’s going on, data presentation is becoming more and more important.

4: Where until now the demand for marketers was always growing, skills like SEO/SEM, marketing campaign management or channel marketing seem to become less important in 2017.

The 10 most important skills in 2017: 

1 Cloud and distributed computing:

2 Statistical analysis and data mining:

3 Web architecture and development framework

4 Middelware and integration software

5 User interface design

6 Network and information security

7 Mobile development, including

8 Data Presentation

9 SEO/SEM marketing

10 Storage systems and management

When looking at the skills trends in different countries, we see that Java Development, HR and recruiting, software modeling and process design often come up as well. And learning a programming language like Python or Ruby is never a bad idea.

Picked your future skill? Learning is easier (and cheaper) than ever, with online courses all over the internet. Need inspiration? Try a MOOC or another online another course platform.

If you want to take it a step further and pick a whole new career, you might take in consideration which jobs will be available in the future. Forrester researched which roles companies think will be hardest to fill.

The 10 most-wanted professionals in 2017:

1 Data scientists

2 CX professionals

3 Experience designers

4 Digital business leaders

5 Software developers

6 Statistical and predictive analysts

7 Consultant sellers

8 (cyber) security professionals

9 Content professionals and storytellers

10 Augmented and virtual reality designers

Time to pick your well-informed professional New Year’s resolution. Good luck and happy learning!

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