Understanding Digital Transformation in Marketing

Understanding Digital Transformation in Marketing

January 11, 2017 Insight 0

“Digital Transformation is set to become a norm for businesses to exist and continue their endeavor of creating high value engagement across all the digital channels. The sooner they adapt, the better for their business”

A sentence like this can be found in almost any article about Digital Transformation. What it actually means is up to the reader to decide. Not with Martechadvisor editor Shabana Arora. She very clearly describes what Digital Transformation entails, why it’s a must for every company and why Digital Transformation has to happen, and more importantly, how to go for it.

She states that Digital Transformation should be the solution to one main problem: “Bringing in a deep and fast-paced transformation of the processes, systems, activities, models, and competencies of a business so that they can comprehensively leverage the chances and changes offered by digital technologies”

Summarizing the research on this topic, Arora explains the biggest challenge companies in general and marketers specifically have to account for: synchronizing web, social, and mobile channels to provide experiences that are engaging and enriching for partners, stakeholders, and customers. Still, 45% of marketers find themselves unable to do that.

The key to getting customer attention and improving engagement, Arora says, is still content. But content has to be personalized in every way. And marketers have to realize that the ‘push’ mentality needs to go.

Looking forward to Digital Transformation in the next couple of years, this post gives us a good understanding of what-it-is-and-why-we-need-it in the world of marketing. Read the full story here.

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